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A Personal Plea: Help Us Provide Emergency Relief to Carriacou After Hurricane Beryl

Carriacou takes direct hit from Hurricane Beryl - Donate now to help Tradition Charter provide Emergency Relief Aid

Eye of Hurricane Beryl over Carriacou, West Indies

Hello, friends and fellow sailors,

This is Deb and Laurie, and we wanted to reach out to you with a heavy heart and an urgent request for help. As many of you know, Tradition was lovingly hand-crafted in Carriacou, a place that we hold incredibly dear. We often return to this beautiful island to ride out Anguilla’s hurricane season and conduct our annual maintenance. Carriacou is more than just Tradition’s birthplace – it’s our second home and the first home of many of our closest friends and fellow sailors.

Just days ago, Hurricane Beryl has devastated Carriacou, leaving it in ruins.

The island has been flattened, and its residents are now in dire need of immediate assistance. The destruction is overwhelming – the hospital has been destroyed, and people are struggling to find adequate food, fuel, shelter, and medical assistance. The basics of survival are now scarce.

In light of this catastrophe, the Tradition team is rallying to provide direct relief. We’re loading up the schooner Cassiopeia in Road Bay with emergency supplies to be delivered straight to Carriacou. Tradition will follow at a later date to continue supporting the island’s recovery efforts. This mission is deeply personal for us, a heartfelt response without red tape or overhead, just pure community spirit.

We need your help. If you have the means to contribute, please consider donating. Your support will make a tangible difference in the lives of those affected by this disaster. Donations can be made by clicking the Carriacou Emergency Relief button on Tradition’s home page, or by calling Deb at 1 264 476 7245 (and on WhatsApp).  With the help from our online booking team, Fareharbor, we are able to isolate all financial donations and have this properly recorded.

Your donations will be used to purchase as much needed relief supplies as we can. The list includes everything from generators, fuel, baby food, non perishable foods, hygiene products, and tools to help clear up the aftermath of destruction.

Together, we can help ensure our friends in Carriacou have the emergency aid they need, provide support in their rebuilding effort and bring hope back to this resilient community.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity and support.

Your friends,

Deb & Laurie